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 in order to process the password box, that will popup.

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Clicking on the PAYPAL icon here ONLY takes you to THEIR site for an explanation of the PAYPAL system of payment...if you have ANY questions. It does not process a Hilot massage purchase.  Just click on their CLOSE WINDOW box to return here., once you finish.

What is our RANGE? You ask?
We have traveled ALL OVER the Bay Area. Since we are independent massage therapists...each situation with each client is unique, and we will need to analyze whether we can make it to your home in the times most convenient.

You can gather enough INFO on our page to contact us, if you want to pay by check or cash, or you can't get the credit card working.

You will not be taken to the creditcard PAYPAL page until the password is correct. We put this here to help eliminate international purchases of our service (unless you are willing to also PAY for our plane tickets!). This is only for local massage.

Other purchases will not require a password page. Password is in lowercase, and easily obtained upon contacting us. This is for purchases of massage in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA. Our business is located in Vallejo, CA. (North Bay)

If you have a massage party of 2 couples...or 3-4 people...we need to talk!

If paying here, contact us right away by phone, so we can arrange your appointment!

We have 90, 60, 30, 15, 10, 5 minutes of purchase selections, which you can click on to create a fee of your choice, with no credit card extra charges.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. This is a straight therapeutic massage for your aching back muscles, etc., and nothing more. We are NOT "that" kind of service...sorry!

If you purchase without service, please allow 30 days for a refund, and make sure we know. This is not a high security password interface. It is only a preventive feature. The PASSWORD is given to our regular clients so they can pay by credit card, and can be given to friends and relatives in the Bay Area that are interested in a massage. The password is to prevent international purchases of local (SF Bay Area) massage services.

Here are our contact numbers in case you want to call us (anytime):
Tom - (707) 704 - 7879 cell
Liezl - (707) 704 -1979 cell

Have A Nice Day!

Contact (email): Tom Chatterton, CMT, your webmaster and massage therapist for scheduling.

Let Tom know right away if you've purchased a massage on here.

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