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Why Am I Advertising WINE?


These 2 photos of Napa Valley Park - were taken by Tom Chatterton, your webmaster/CMT. At some future point - his photo collections in full resolution may be for sale. Hold your mouse over a pic for info.

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Well...some of my customers are in the wine industry.

You'll hear therapists say massage is holistic and may think there is a conflict...but based on some of my customers...I do not think advertising wine on here is contradictory. Its being offered because it is a product of the area where I work. I would suggest not drinking wine during or before a massage from us...but I cannot control the customer's preferences once we leave. I will be presenting products related to health to go with massage from time to time that have nothing to do with wine...and those who think wine is not acceptable...can go the actual holistic approach. I will never endorse wine as a good choice...its just an alternate choice many in this area of the country seem to take. Myself? I only partake of wine once or twice a year, same with beer or other alcohol...and I DO NOT smoke... and my wife is the SAME way. I can see that for some, drinking wine is a way to relax...but not typically on the same evening they are getting a massage. Read this all the way through before making up your mind about the subject.

The folks in this area see wine as a natural way to relax since the times of Ancient Rome...and their industry helps pay for my massages. <g> We are just south of Napa Valley by about 9 miles...on the Napa Valley Delta that empties into San Francisco Bay (North Bay)...the most fertile soil for wine grapes on the face of the Earth. We live in Vallejo, CA...which has an island just offshore that was a submarine base called Mare Island Navel Base, now closed.  Many submarines were built up there until recently...but that's a whole other column! <g> Navy Life was a BIG part of Vallejo for many years...but they are recovering nicely...and condominiums are showing up on the old navy base in recent years. Personally, I think the natural harbor protection provided by the Bay Area was excellent for submarines, or any kind of ship building, and they made a mistake closing their base here...but I guess the harbors in LA are sufficient for what they want to do. The late Bob Hope performed on an aircraft carrier here in the late 40's, BTW.

The soil here is RICH in natural nutrients for any kind of agricultural product...even the CHEESE made by the dairy cows out here in the Napa Valley proper tastes BETTER than most. It has a LOT to do with the volcanic ash in the soil from ancient extinct volcanoes here. In fact, Calistoga, CA (an excellent city for bottled water), which is in northern Napa Valley, is settled right on TOP of an extinct volcano! (They did not know that until recently.)

Calistoga is about 65 miles north of Napa, CA...and another city based on the wine industry is Sonoma...about 20 miles west of Napa. Just about every famous American label is bottled within Napa Valley. The area here looks like parts of Southern France...and many of a movie wanting to look European actually shot their scenes in Napa Valley instead. In fact, EVERY topographic type is within a few hours drive within the state of California. Calistoga's most famous tourist attraction is Old Faithful of California. It shoots hot steam/water over 40 feet about every 40 minutes...depending on ground conditions. (There are studies underway that if depending on HOW MUCH the timing of the eruptions changes can predict local earthquakes.) Calistoga is famous for hot mud baths and MASSAGE...so is Napa and Sonoma...in fact ALL of Northern California, and most of the rest of the state seem to like massage a lot...thus we are in an ideal neighborhood!

I don't want them to feel left out, so I will also mention St. Helena. Many great wineries are located near St. Helena on the way to Calistoga, CA. You can do interesting shopping in their small Victorian era shops right on Hwy. 29 South, as you move through this quaint little town. If you ever visit the area in your car...drive UP Silverado Road to Calistoga on Rt. 121, taken from Hwy 29 North, then DOWN US 29, once you've visited Calistoga...south through Napa to American Canyon Rd...turn LEFT (east) onto that road if moving south...and get a GREAT view of the mini mountains (canyon walls) on your way back to I-80. It's only a few miles off the beaten path for great views of the topography, farms and valleys. Make sure you have a passenger camera ready with the window down...it's hard to pull over and park, especially since the road snakes around, making you keep your attention on the road! (A lot of back roads in hilly areas tend to snake around out here.) You'll also see some dairy cattle if you go though in mid afternoon. <g>

If you take the 45 minute drive up Silverdo Road from the eastern side of Napa on your way to Calistoga...the scenery will take your breath away. The best time to photograph Napa Valley is in the Spring...if you want green mountains and flowered vistas...and late summer/fall if you are photographing the grapes up close...but the grass will be turning brown...because it's our dry season. Winter lasts about 90 days - is mild, only reaching 40 most nights...and our summers are also mostly mild...with averages of 70 the majority of the year...with a few weeks of 80-90 degree weather. Of course, Mother Nature changes her mind once in a while - so these figures are not written in stone! <g> Spring typically arrives in a hurry...we jump from drizzly season to spring as soon as we reach March...and by the end of May...the rains seem to stop until the next rainy season...with open blue skies and early summer like temps. Some say - this is the FINEST weather in the world and the price of homes reflects that!

The old wives tales about wine clearing the blood seem to be turning out to be true...but only if taken in moderation. Anything can be hurtful if abused...but it is a medical fact that moderate wine drinkers tend to have less heart attacks or heart problems. So, I figure...it can help you unwind...it's not a BAD thing for adults to consume...and we LIVE near Napa Valley. In the Middle Ages, red wine served to the entire family in France, was a major reason those families survived better, during the Black Plagues that ravaged Europe. Red Wine contains trace amounts of tetracycline, which is an anti-biotic. All fine wine can clear the blood - but only if taken in mild quantities...after which - if abused...it becomes a toxin itself. IT IS NOT HEALTHY PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, OR SOCIALLY TO GET DRUNK. Drunkenness can harm brain cells, and the liver. In fact over abusing your medications can injure your liver - or aggravate your kidneys. Only take alcohol if your doctor has nothing against it...especially with a health condition.

But, if a little wine can help you relax and you are in good health...who can argue with that? After all...relaxation - getting rid of your stresses is the key to a longer life, along with good diet. Stress is a factor in most diseases...as the body is stressed, the immune system is more prone to have problems...perhaps not going after invaders of the blood as aggressively as it should. Any kind of stress can shorten life...so who I am to argue that a little wine might actually lengthen it? This is a place to relax - have fun - and perhaps learn about new products or services to make life easier...and its not always related to massage...in many ways its about your quality of life...and how you can enjoy it. We will strive to massage you mentally while here...and physically if you schedule an appointment. The sponsors I pick are always interesting places to visit.

May the rest of your day be a nice one!!!!

- Tom Chatterton, CMT and webmaster

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