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From a GREAT cookbook comes the 2nd Edition! Now - on CD - A super cool computerized recipe TIMER - Plus games by the author to play with while you wait for your food!

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Authored by Betty Chatterton and illustrated by Ruth Enslein.

Webmastered by Tom Chatterton, your current webmaster!

Grandma's secrets for preparing good old-fashioned food from wholesome ingredients. Recipes that helped keep her young and vigorous for over 92 years.

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See Our Included Downhome SOFTWARE!

See what games we included Below!

Above: My Grandma At Age 80.

 Above Is From Intro: My Grandma Serving A Family Supper in 1948.

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Tom enjoying a downhome meal with his
grandma and his aunt and uncle in 1976.


Grandma At Age 80.



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Here's the Downhome SOFTWARE!

To help pass the time, you can use our Mini M Player. It's a shrunk down minisized reference to your MS Player. Very cool.

Browse your picture galleries very rapidly with my very fast fully speed configurable slideshow setting in Downhome Picture Browser. Set a folder of photos for 5 secs. or 1/2 sec, then copy your favorite to the clipboard memory to drop in your favorite photo editor. Or paste one in and save it as a BMP. You have the option of viewing them fullsize, or scaled, which does not effect the actual file. RESET takes you back to your LAST active directory. That's also a very cool idea often overlooked.

Not actual size.

Use our super cool way to TIME your recipes! Includes cool alarms, big clock and calendar.


See GAMES Included BELOW!

Also included free:


A tiny alarm .exe

Windows Calendar Control

Big Clock

Mini M Audio Player

Downhome Recipe Timer

Wizard's Concentration

Simple Blackjack

Quick Start

Plus whatever else I could throw in the program directory and the music alarm files, in addition to cool country washcloth be sure and explore!


The ultimate cool for those who hate to overwork their mouse hand!

Not actual size

Use it in combo with our recipe Downhome Timer Control, and you can call this auto booter as an .exe for even greater utility timing flexibility.

There's even a BIG CLOCK (see below) you can use on your laptop while in the kitchen! (Or desktop) It will even notify you when the DTC alarm has gone off, and counts down the minutes automatically. Even cooler, you can customize the background, and the display colors.

Not actual size.




Get More Screenshots!

Includes Bonus Games by the CD-ROM author!

Not actual size
 with Mini M shown.

   Like cards??? Can you clear the board in 3 minutes???

If you can...then you are Super Cool!



  2010 by Thomas Chatterton






The CD Not Only Includes Useful Software , But Games For Your Entertainment.



You can play our Simple Blackjack which will taunt you verbally whether you win or lose. Just don't burn the vittles while playin'.

Actual game is full-screen.

You Can Play These Other
Great Games - While You Cook!

ZipWizard KNOWS The Answer!

Like Tetris? Play Amazing Tiles!

The two above are web page style games run locally from inside the Grandma's Downhome Recipe HOME page - no need to install to run.






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You'all have a nice day!

- Tom

  2010 by Thomas Chatterton