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Our Headlines Page! Read health, Wired Med-Tech, or see what the Weather is in Vallejo or your own town. Tom's Amazing Games! Play a Tetris type web game - Ask ZipWizard (Tom's nickname) to help you make an Executive Decision - or jump over to his Ohio Mars Society site and play Mars Trivia. You can get a massage thru PayPal - or obtain our phone numbers for contact. Learn more about us.

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We are constantly expanding and updating this NEW site daily - so stop by again soon and see how well we're doin! What will you SEE??? More interesting products perhaps, more fun, more games I've wrote, or just more about massage.



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Our Headlines Page! Read health, Wired Med-Tech, or see what the Weather is in Vallejo or your own town. Tom's Amazing Games! Play a Tetris type web game - Ask ZipWizard (Tom's nickname) to help you make an Executive Decision - or jump over to his Ohio Mars Society site and play Mars Trivia. You can get a massage thru PayPal - or obtain our phone numbers for contact. Learn more about us.

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